Message from the CEO

"I sincerely welcome you to the Incheon Port Facilities Management Center."
Incheon Port Facility Management Center, , a representative facility management corporation in Incheon Port, has been operating in Incheon for 45 years since April 1972. IPFC has been managing the docks at Incheon port, including export, import, cargo management, and security of expenses. IPFC has contributed to the Incheon port's growth as a central part of the Yellow Sea region. In March 1985, the name changed to Incheon Port Pier Management Corporation. It was reborn as a facility management company by the government's management innovation plan on January 1, 2008. It was newly created as Incheon Port Passenger Terminal on July 1, 2009, due to the government's implementation of measures to advance public enterprises. Incheon Port Passenger Terminal Management Center was established as the government's finalization of management and operation measures for passenger terminals in September 2013. On January 1, Incheon Port Passenger Terminal Management Center was also approved by the government as an incorporated association. On April 7, 2016, the company changed its corporate name to the Incheon Port Facility Management Center. It carried out maintenance and service provision projects for port facilities, such as the management & operation of the Incheon Port Passenger Terminal and other consignment projects. We promise that we will always do our best to ensure the quality and convenience to the customers. Thank you very much.
Incheon Port Facilities Management Center Corporation
CEO Chang-ho Park