Company Overview

Purpose of Establishment

Basis of Establishment Article 88 of Harbor Act
Purpose of Establishment Contribute to the development of Incheon Port and the improvement of people’s convenience by carrying out consignment projects in accordance with Article 42 and 29(3) of Port Authority Act.
Mission Leap into a port facility management specialty corporation with the best competitiveness in South Korea

Company History

  • 1972
    04.28Establishment of Incheon Port Pier Management Association
  • 1972
    06.07Designated as a bonded zone manager
  • 1985
    03.19Reorganized as Incheon Port Pier Management Corporation
  • 1992
    02.12Designated as a port management corporation (Article 70 of the Port Act)
  • 2008
    01.01Re-establishment of functions as a facility and cargo management corporation (guard section was separated)
  • 2009
    07.01Newly established and operated Incheon Port Passengers Terminal Co., Ltd., a company specialized in the operation and management of passenger terminals, according to the public corporation advancement policy
  • 2013
    12.23Establishment Approval of Incheon Port Passengers Terminal Management Center
    12.30Designated as a port management corporation
  • 2014
    01.01Launched Incheon Port Passengers Terminal Management Center Corporation
  • 2016
    04.07Corporation name changed to Incheon Port Facilities Management Center Corporation